Earthworm castings are odorless, nontoxic, non-leaching, and safe for annuals, perennials, house plants, seedlings lawn care and more. Worm castings contain abundant essential elements plants need for healthy growth. Winterwood Farm Premium Earthworm Castings are among the highest quality earthworm castings commercially available. They are produced in a indoor climate controlled environment, fed only highest quality nesting medium blended to our exacting specifications to insure a consistent premium product. Winterwood Farm Premium Earthworm Castings are approved for use on M.O.F.G.A. Certified Organic Farms (view M.O.F.G.A. approval letter)  Winterwood Farm soil products do not contain any municipal waste, chemical fertilizers or additives.  They are an all natural concentrated nutrient source of calcium, magnesium and nitrogen. Castings are screened multiple times to separate the valuable castings from the worms, cocoons and nesting medium producing a cleaner pure product. Winterwood Farm Premium Earthworm Castings are not blended with additional soil amendments or planting mixes. You only get a high concentration of earthworm castings not fillers. 

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in 1000 lb./1 cu yd bulk Ag-Bags